Supastretch | About SupaStretch
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About SupaStretch

SupaStretch offers so much more than a good stretch.

Designed with versatility and simplicity to use for faster results.


SupaStretch is your “personal stretching partner”,

The first piece of equipment to stretch and strengthen multiple muscles at the same time


Perform partner assisted full range of motion exercises using
scientifically proven techniques without needing a partner.



Is this the most versatile piece of  Fitness equipment ever? 

SupaStretch can perform all of the following

for 12 + muscle groups:

  • Extended Static Stretching
  • PNF Stretching 
  • Eccentric Stretching 
  • Myofascial Alignment 
  • Strength Training
  • Full Range of Motion Isometric
  • Full Range of Motion Eccentric 


For use in treating lower limb injuries to restore Range of Motion and strength

For part of Lower Back Pain LBP and Sciatica treatment.  

SupaStretch is more than another treatment table.  

It frees the physiotherapist to add extra treatment to the user while stretching and it gives the patient the freedom to perform “partner assisted” activities themselves


Increased flexibility and reduced muscle stiffness to maintain balance and mobility in ageing population.

Add the stretch to Pilates, Spa Salons for that extra treatment


Identification and treatment of the muscles that interact with the lumbar and pelvic area for length and tension imbalances.

Effective treatment of muscle spasm pain and able to engage the piriformis and abdominal core muscles during isometric exercise

meet the inventor

Mick Kane, the inventor of SupaStretch, suffered back injury while competing as a grinder in the Americas Cup. Physiotherapists used Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) as a means to cure his back pain. It worked so well Mick enrolled in a Master’s Degree to study this technique further.


With involvement in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years, he is now focused on developing equipment that will it easier for people to achieve the benefits of flexibility. He looked for a machine that would allow him to perform partner stretching “without a partner”, as he couldn’t find one he designed SupaStretch


Mick is bringing together the latest training techniques and research available to deliver extraordinary results using the SupaStretch.


Physiotherapists, Sports Teams, Fitness Centers, Aged Care and Individuals can now own SupaStretch, the first piece of stretching equipment to lengthen and strengthen muscles at the same time.

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