Supastretch | The Eccentromax
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The Eccentromax


The ECCENTROMAX is our next generation in innovative stretching and fitness equipment. 

Simplified delivery of Eccentric strength training throughout a full range of motion to provide maximum results.

Users can now safely access the benefits of Eccentric strength training for eight muscle groups

ECCENTRIC OVERLOAD TRAINING – 140% greater force production

Delivers larger strength and muscle volume gains

Leads to faster stronger muscles

Increases muscle fascicle length

Moves and optimises the muscle length-tension relationship


Eccentric overload training of multiple muscles without expensive equipment


Ability to perform both Bi Lateral and Unilateral exercises


Functional engagement of core muscles and synergist muscle pairings


Nordic Hamstring Exercise (NHE)using both hip and knee flexion and full ROM


Copenahagen Protocol (CP) using full range of motion


Effective in primary and secondary prevention of hamstring strains

Hamstring injuries have been found to be reduced in studies by 300%

In ACL tear recuperation Eccentric exercise has been seen as superior in regaining muscle mass

In knee and hip arthroplasty and rotator cuff tears aided by strength gains at low eccentric loads

Using the ECCENTROMAX delivers:

Allows users to target over 12 different muscles

No need for a spotter or skilled technician

Added benefits of muscle lengthening

Increased strength gains and retention

Mysofascial realignment

Without compromised posture or technique

The ECCENTROMAX increases outcomes for:

Sports Teams

Strength development

Aged Care

Fitness Clubs

General wellness

Rehabilitation Centres

Physiotherapy Clinics

Like to use an Eccentromax ?

Experience the versatility and effectiveness of the Eccentromax simply call us now on 0400 105 605

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